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   The International Association of Intercultural Studies (I.A.I.S.) was founded in 1983. The YEARBOOK OF INTERCULTURAL STUDIES of that year described the main purpose of this association as follows. "Due to a lack of highly qualified studies of literary, artistic and cultural phenomena in their specific interferences and interrelationships with other ideological forms and the global socio-economic formations, we have felt the need for an organ of theoretical reflection and presentation of the results of field research which nesessarily implies a fusion of philological and social sciences in the sense of the global study of cultural phenomena, their production, reception, and circulation processes on a world-wide scale.
   However, within this general methodological frame, we are especially concerned with the study of mechanisms of cultural interrelations between Europe and the USA on the one hand and the so-called Third World on the other. Internationally, this field lacks adequate research, despite the fact that the necessity for such research is becoming increasingly obvious [...]"

   This analysis is as true today as it was almost 20 years ago. Then, renowned scholars such as Martin Franzbach (Bremen), Jacques Leenhardt (Paris), Anouar Abdel-Malek (Paris/Tokyo), Hans-George Ruprecht (Ottawa), and Samha el-Kholy (Cairo) figured on the advisory board of the Yearbook. As we refound this series in the form of an internet journal, we are happy to announce that the former editor of the Yearbook, Magdi Youssef, has agreed to edit the first issue of INTERCULTURAL STUDIES.

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